Bob Hurley, Retail Engineering Solutions
Bob Hurley
Retail Engineering Solutions

An experienced consultant in Retail Engineering Solutions.

Roles currently include working with a major cabinet manufacturer, supporting the Aerofoil business growth, cabinet testing and NDA’s. Working to reduce carbon footprint, improving equipment to be more maintenance friendly, improving the value/cost ratio and continuous improvement in products for everyone’s gain.

With extensive experience of delivering Engineering Solutions in a pressured retail environment. Has previously achieved significant results as Tesco Group Head of Refrigeration, HVAC & Energy. 

Recognized for leading multiple, culturally diverse teams, to consistently reduce costs and CO2 emissions, whilst delivering innovative retail engineering solutions to ensure a good customer experience and deliver environmental policy in accordance with legislation and corporate responsibility.

Leading the engineering work in Tesco Express, opening 600 convenience stores in three years. Working closely with manufacturers and contractors to ensure the right solutions, for simplicity, energy and maintenance. Key being the repeatability of the engineering solutions in a fast-paced environment.

I am also proud to be a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration.