21st October 2021, Grosvenor House Ballroom

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Wilo UK is a leading premium provider of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry, using intelligent solutions that bring together people, products and services. With the aim of making complex technologies user friendly, simple to use, energy-efficient and high-performing,

Pumps across the world use about ten percent of the global energy consumption, and around 90% of today’s installed pumps are outdated and inefficient. Wilo’s products, on the other hand, are modern and highly efficient. Globally, replacing obsolete technology with the latest generation of Wilo pumps could save up to 246 Terawatt hours – the equivalent of 80 carbon power stations.

Wilo is committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable and energy-efficient products, including the world’s first ‘smart pump’, the Wilo-Stratos MAXO. This highly efficient pump offers maximum productivity whilst still saving up to 20% of energy, and thanks to its adjustable settings, it allows users to precisely measure and monitor water and energy usage.

Wilo has been awarded the Gold CEMARS accreditation for eight consecutive years, demonstrating its ongoing dedication to energy saving. Wilo has reduced emissions by 27.32% since 2012 and continues to implement changes to drive this event further. As part of the initiative for 2021, Wilo UK aims to improve the energy consumption and wastage from lighting within the warehouse and production areas by introducing LED lighting and zone control. Based on initial estimates, this will contribute to a saving in energy consumption of 75% and upwards.

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