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Gel Clear

Gel-clear Ltd was the RAC Cooling Business of the year finalist in 2018, winner of the the 2017 HIVE Innovation Award and also winner of the RAC Refrigeration Product of the Year 2016 for the Gel-clear condensate drain tablet.
The tablets were co-developed by Gel-clear’s owner, Paurick Gaughan, and manufacturing partner, Unit Chemical Corporation of Henderson Nevada, USA.

With 30 years experience in food retail drainage, the company focus is specifically on HVACR drainage and condensate removal. 
Gel-clear’s MD, Paurick Gaughan, was aware of the need for product development in this niche, high cost impact area in HVACR drainage, 
and has gone on to develop the bio-beta range of condensate waste water management products.

Conceived and designed by Paurick Gaughan, two new to market products were developed with the University of Central Lancs Innovation Clinic, to deliver a complete condensate waste water management concept that brings integrity and cost saving to HVACR maintenance in food retail.

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