London Hilton

A short history of the awards

The Cooling Industry Awards were launched by RAC magazine in 2004 with the backing of major high street end users and leading industry players. The first awards ceremony took place in September of that year to great acclaim. In the more than a decade since, the awards have become the symbol for successful and environmentally friendly cooling in both the industry and wider public arena.

The awards provide a national focus to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of those pushing the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. It culminates in a gala evening celebrating the winners and finalists at a top London hotel. 

This year's awards will be held on the evening of 26 September, at the London Hilton, Park Lane, with well over 500 of the industry's key players cheering on winners and finalists.

Why this event?
The refrigeration and air conditioning industry faces major challenges. As a huge user of power – 20 per cent of the national grid - the cooling industry is under increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. As well as the need for improved energy performance, other environmental issues - such as noise, refrigerants, containment, recyclability and materials - are driving change throughout the industry. The awards will recognise the innovation used to tackle many of these issues.

For the whole industry
The awards bring together the whole industry - including end-users, clients, manufacturers, designers, distributors, consultants, contractors and service companies - to celebrate the best advances being made.

Who is behind the awards?
The awards are organised by RAC magazine, and has the backing of leading manufacturers and contractors, plus some of the best-known end-user names on the high street.

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